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Latinx en Medicina

About Us

Latinx en Medicina is the community I needed as a first-generation pre-med student. As a Latina who is pursuing a career in medicine the road has been difficult. It was difficult to find culturally competent mentors who understood my struggles. Most often than not, I was the only Latinx in my biology courses which amplified my underlying imposter syndrome. 

During medical school I started @MedstudentDO now (@lesliexgp) on Instagram as an outlet. I posted my daily routines and sometimes vented about the rigors of pursuing a career in medicine. I provided a different point of view by being a first generation Mexican-American. As the followers grew so did my voice and confidence. I often receive messages of relief and excitement from other first-gen individuals, who are pre-med or in medical school themselves, for finding an influencer with a platform who looked just like them. I realized that:


Which is why I choose to start Latinx en Medicina. Our mission is to provide a digital network and support system to all Latinx and Afro-Latinx students across healthcare professions. This platform accomplishes this by providing resources, mentorship, and encouragement. In our first year we have grown to more than 7.3K community members and launched an APP. We've help students with their personal statements, interview skills, and planned out their academic year.  In short; we are molding the next wave of Latinx healthcare professionals.

Join the LXMED network and experience a comunidad que quiere verte triunfar!