Latinx en Medicina

About Us

@MedstudentDO now (@lesliexgp) on Instagram started as an outlet during my first year of medical school. I posted my daily routines and sometimes vented about the rigors of pursuing a career in medicine. I provided a different point of view by being a first generation Mexican-American. As the followers grew so did my voice and confidence. I often receive messages of relief and excitement from other first-gen individuals, who are pre-med or in medical school themselves, for finding an influencer with a platform who looked just like them.


Which is why I choose to start an apparel line that does just that. People will take one look at your shirt and want to strike up a conversation. You will be able to let abuelita and your tio know that "YES. you are a Latinx en Medicina." Latinx en Medicina is a digital network that will help Latinx interested in pursuing a career in medicine.