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A sense of comunidad is important for Latinx and Afro-Latinx. It's what helped our parents survive when they immigrated to a new country. 

As first, second, and even third generation Latinx, our experiences are drastically different than that of our parents. We are accomplishing goals that our ancestors merely even dreamt of. 

Unfortunately, it comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. For many of us, a higher education almost becomes unattainable, as most of the people in our inner circles have little to no experience in navigating an educational pathway.

Latinx en Medicina is the community you seek. 

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What does The LXMED Network offer?

  • Specialty specific group discussions

  • Mentor-Mentor relationship for networking

  • Built-in chat, video call, meeting scheduler, and calendar sync for mentorship meetings

  • Resources to help you navigate the mentee-mentor relationship

  • File sharing so you can save everything all in one place

  • Access to the Learning Platform to start creating learning resources for each other’s needs

  • Access to exclusive events and workshops

  • Online Courses  & workshops

  • Job Posts

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