Letter to the Community

Letter to the Community

Whenever I would introduce myself to a group of colleagues or in a classroom setting, I became acutely aware of who I am and what my presence meant. For many of us, it was isolating, as we tried to navigate our way through higher education. I started Latinx en Medicina because I wanted to build a comunidad of individuals that looked, talked, and cared about people just like me. 

What started as a one-woman-show, quickly evolved into a small team. We’ve hosted webinars, have had many discussions on issues that affect the Latinx community, and informed members of our community about the different careers in healthcare. Our community has uplifted and guided each other through tough times. YOU helped us create Latinx en Medicina.

The next chapter of LXMED takes what you’ve helped us create and expands on it. It fills me with joy to announce that LXMED is now a digital media platform that strives to inform the comunidad on all things Latinx health. With your help and support, we want to bring you more stories on Latinx health, wellness and well-being, all while staying true to our roots and continuing to provide stories of our community, professional development, and educational resources. Our health has frequently been an afterthought to the system as a whole. It took a worldwide pandemic for researchers, politicians, and healthcare personnel to understand how the Latinx community has faced inequities for decades. But the work has just started. As part of the new wave of empowered Latinx, we have the capacity to change that.

So let us celebrate today, the launch of a new beginning, because tomorrow the real work starts. We will challenge the current status quo, change healthcare through innovation, and make healthcare equitable through the power of media.

Leslie Gonzalez

Founder, Latinx en Medicina

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